Mattress Cleaning Singapore

Do you regularly clean your mattress? In fact, not many people know that a mattress can be cleaned! If you are looking to kick-start a clean and healthy lifestyle, cleaning your mattress regularly is the first step you should take. Even with a mattress pad/mattress protector on your bed, it is unavoidable for impurities and bacteria germs to build up over time.

Our mattress is one of the most important items in our home. It influences your sleep, affecting almost everything in your life. It is essential to know how to maintain our mattresses in order to achieve the best quality of sleep daily. Not only does it benefit your personal health, but it will also benefit the people around us by creating a healthier environment and home for everyone to live in.  Cleanshades is one of the best specialised on-site service providers of mattress cleaning services to give you peace of mind.


Why Should You Deep Clean Your Mattresses? 

When mattresses are left unchecked, impurities such as dust mites, dead skin and hair start to accumulate. Bacteria start to grow when we perspire during our sleep. Regular cleaning helps to extend the lifespan of our mattresses. It also reduces the chance of us falling sick and having allergies.

1.       Removal of sweat and moisture  

Every night when we sleep, our body produces sweat and oils that will be absorbed into the fabric of the mattress. As time goes by, it will accumulate and stains will start to appear. A trusted service provider in mattress cleaning services will ensure the removal of stains and this moisture without damaging the linen of the mattress.


2.       To remove dust mites 

Dust mites tend to feed our dead skin cells. As we sleep, our body sheds dead skin cells on a daily basis. These dead skin cells will then fall onto our mattresses. The condition of our mattress is also the perfect breeding ground for dust mites. These dust mites are the main culprit causing illnesses. In severe cases, dust mite allergy reactions could happen and symptoms such as fever lead to signs of asthma.


3.       Eliminating bacteria and germs 

Apart from dust mites, our mattresses are also a breeding ground for bacteria and moulds due to the moisture and warm environment. Over time, the build-up of dead skin cells, sweat and other impurities will become the source that harms our body. If left untreated, the mattress will also start to have a bad odour and affect the quality of your sleep.


4.       Promote clean and healthy indoor air 

Similarly to other upholstery items (carpets, curtains, sofas) in our house, our mattresses are capable of absorbing various impurities such as allergens and pollens within the house. They are the cause of skin irritation and sinuses.

Cleaning a mattress is not complicated with the help of our on-site mattress cleaning service. At Cleanshades, our team provides an on-site specialised mattress cleaning service in Singapore.  The cleaning will take place directly at your home, and also at the convenience of your time. Following, we will share with you the two different types of our on-site specialised mattress cleaning procedures.


Our Specialised Mattress Cleaning Procedures   

1.  Steam Vacuuming Sanitisation

We recommend mattresses that are relatively new or with no visible stains on the mattress undergo a steam vacuuming sanitisation procedure. This uses high-temperature steam to sanitise and remove dust mites, bed bugs, as well as accumulated impurities (dead skins, hairs, dust etc). 

Bacteria germs are also eliminated under high-temperature steam (160-degree steam). All sides of the mattress (top, bottom and four sides) will be steam cleaned to ensure peace of mind. Unlike the ordinary household vacuum cleaner, our extractor is a powerful machine that pulls out a large number of impurities, providing a thorough cleaning throughout the entire mattress.

Mattress Cleaning Singapore

2. Deep Cleaning Extraction

Deep cleaning extraction is required for mattresses that are older and with visible stains. This means that the mattress has not undergone specialised cleaning, and has led to a build-up of impurities. Deep cleaning extraction uses water and textile solution (upholstery shampoo) to pull out the accumulated impurities and dirt. The process also allows stains to be lightened/removed. The extractor machine used in our mattress deep cleaning extraction procedure is even more powerful compared to our steam machine. Every Deep cleaning extraction professional deep cleaning session will extract a large number of impurities from within the fabric. The deep mattress cleaning procedure ensures a thorough cleaning and you will have peace of mind after the mattress deep cleaning session.


Mattress Cleaning Singapore             Mattress Cleaning Singapore

Before and After our mattress deep cleaning session. Can you spot which side has been deep-cleaned?


Our team will also provide a high-temperature blow-drying service to ensure the mattress is fully dry at the end of the mattress deep cleaning session. We understand that a mattress requires long hours to air-dry, so it is important for this blow-drying procedure to be taken. Be assured that you will have a fully dry and cleaned mattress for a good night's sleep!

How Often Should You Engage Specialised Mattress Cleaning Services In Singapore? 

Unlike bed sheets, the frequency of mattress cleaning is less frequent. However, you should give your mattress a specialised mattress cleaning service every 6 months to prevent the accumulation of dirt and impurities. If you realised that the condition of the mattress becomes dirty due to factors like excessive perspiring, baby/child/pet pee accidents etc, we would recommend the cleaning frequency to be two to three times per year.


Mattress Cleaning Singapore


See The Results Of Our Mattress Cleaning Service In Singapore


Before Mattress Cleaning    After Mattress Cleaning


How Can We Help?

Importance Of Mattress Cleaning Service

Our consultant will understand your needs and concerns about your mattress. Based on the photo assessment of the condition of your mattress, we will advise you on which mattress cleaning procedure to opt for. Upon confirmation, our team of specialists will provide the recommended mattress cleaning service directly at your home.

Want to know more about our on-site specialised mattress cleaning services? Feel free to reach out to our consultant today.