Cleaning mattresses is a duty that is frequently neglected. A decent mattress should last for many years, but like with other things that are not adequately cared for, it will deteriorate more quickly with more usage. Keeping a mattress clean on a regular basis is crucial for both your personal comfort and health. 

Mattress cleaning services provider like Cleanshades is able to do the task for you and provide a range of services to meet your demands. So think about hiring a professional before deciding to clean your mattress yourself. Insights about mattress cleaning services and advice on mattress cleaning are the goals of this post. Insights on mattress cleaning will be covered in this post.

Mattress cleaning services

Hire a Professional Mattress Cleaners in Singapore

  • The best option to thoroughly deep clean your mattress is to hire a professional mattress cleaner
  • Depending on your mattress's size and the kind of cleaning you want, the price for mattress cleaning services will vary.
  • The types of cleaning that mattress cleaning service providers offer will also differ based on the condition of the mattress; for example. 
  • For mattresses with stains, we will recommend a deep cleaning extraction service. 
  • This allows accumulated impurities such as dust mite, bed bugs and dead skin cells/hairs to be removed, and also eliminate stains and bacteria germs. 
  • Whatever the issue, mattress cleaning experts are skilled at thoroughly sanitising your mattress to get rid of bacteria, odours, and dust mites. 
  • Depending on your unique issues, our specialist will be able to suggest the finest mattress cleaning procedure. 


Mattress cleaning singapore

Correct Equipment and Cleaning Methods


  • Impurities that are accumulated over time in your mattresses are harmful to our health. It is thus recommended that homeowners use mattress cleaning services at least once every six months. To avoid dirt building up on your mattresses, it would also be a good idea to replace your linens once a week. 
  • A thoroughly cleaned bed can improve your sleep. In addition to encouraging far better sleep, professional mattress cleaning services may extend the lifespan of your mattress. 
  • While you could try to clean your mattress on your own, if you don't have the correct equipment and cleaning methods, you run the danger of damaging the mattress instead. Professional mattress cleaners have the knowledge and resources necessary to bring your mattress to its former glory.


High-Temperature Blow Drying Services


  • It is especially important to note that not all home cleaning providers in SIngapore provide after-service blow drying services. Always check with the service provider if blow drying is included in the quotation given, or if additional costs are involved if blow drying is required. 


  • A mattress usually takes up to 10 hours to air dry, depending on the material of the fabric. To ensure that you have a mattress to sleep on the same night, Cleanshades provides a high-temperature blow-drying service after the deep cleaning session without additional costs.

Benefit Of Hiring A Mattress Cleaning Service Provider 



  • Remove all of the coverings from the bed, including the sheets and pillowcases. 


  • Our team at Cleanshades will also have our own cleaning supplies for mattresses. You can talk to us before your appointment if you are particular about the goods you use in your home—likely because of allergies or a preference for a particular green product.