First time trying, turned out a pleasant surprise. It is likely having a brand new bed and bed frame again. Amazing! Awesome
I had my mattress cleaned yesterday it was Super good I was sound asleep and woke at 11.20.am They did Super clean job extremely brilliantly Clean. thank Kerwin and team
Bryan has been very helpful communicating about the services offered and we are extremely pleased with their professionalism and dedication in their craft of ensuring that our beds are thoroughly cleaned. Our beds were stained from children’s milk and discharge but miraculously, they are now were cleaned and stain-free. Kerwin took time to inspect and deep clean each bed. It has been a wondering experience engaging Cleanshades and I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs to clean their beds or house!
I love my curtains which add cozy vibes to my home. Night curtains are also great for afternoon naps, movie time and weekend sleep in. But maintaining them is so troublesome. It’s my first time engaging Cleanshades to clean my curtains. It was indeed a very pleasant and fuss free experience for working mum like me. Cleanshades was very prompt in replying and quoting me service options. I opted for on site Steam cleaning coz high heat sanitize the curtains and on site so I dun hav to do anything at all (except eye power so I understanf how it’s done). Bryan also accommodated to my request for earlier schedule due to work commitment. The staff turned up slightly earlier than appt time, he was very friendly n helpful. He did a very thorough cleaning too. Highly recommended