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Our professional cleaning specialists are experienced in handling all furnishings, providing you convenience and comfort within your home through cleaning services such as sofa cleaning, mattress cleaning services, rug cleaning, and curtain cleaning services in Singapore.


Service Consultation

3 easy steps for every appointment. 

  • Our consultant will first understand the type and condition of the items. 
  • Simply inform us about the confirmation 
  • Sit back while our specialists work their magic on the scheduled day!


Peace Of Mind

Equipped with specialized machines and eco-friendly cleaning solutions, every cleaning session is safe for babies, young children, and pets.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



What are the benefits of regular deep house cleaning?

---> Upholstery furniture is a good breeding ground for dust mites and bacteria. They are the usual cause of allergies and sinuses. Our on-site deep cleaning effectively targets these areas and ensures a thorough upholstery cleaning and removal of these impurities, keeping your home clean and safe for your loved ones.



How often should I get home cleaning?

---> The frequency of cleaning is dependent on customer preference. We always recommend having a deep cleaning session every 6 to 12 months.



Common Signs Your Furniture Needs Upholstery Cleaning

---> It is recommended to engage a professional fabric sofa cleaner when the high-traffic items show signs of soiling or stains. Odour is also an indicator that the item needs cleaning. The duration is crucial as it will be tougher for stains to be removed and also encourage the growth of more bacteria and mold.



Will I have my mattress to sleep on after a deep cleaning session?

---> Our on-site mattress cleaning services come with hot blow drying. This will ensure that all the mattresses we deep cleaned are fully dry before the team leaves your home. As it takes up to 10 hours for a mattress to be air dry, clients might not be able to have a mattress to sleep on that night. To prevent that, our hot blow-drying service is an assurance to many clients.



Is it safe to use cleaning solutions around babies, children, or pets at home?

---> Yes, the cleaning solution used is eco-friendly products that are non-toxic, and gentle on the skin. On occasions that require stronger cleaning solutions to tackle tough stains encounters, our specialist will advise and get permission from clients before proceeding to the usage of the stronger solution. Be assured that all solutions will be fully removed during the deep cleaning procedure.



How do I get an appointment for my house to be professionally cleaned?

---> Simply reach out to us by email, phone call, or Whatsapp and our consultant will attend to you by understanding the items that you are looking to clean, as well as assessing the conditions of every item. From there, our consultants will advise you on the necessary cleaning procedures and also provide you with the quote,