May Yew
First time trying, turned out a pleasant surprise. It is likely having a brand new bed and bed frame again. Amazing! Awesome
Zann Lee
Very good cleaning services for sofa and curtains! Stains on my sofa disappeared and I didn't have to remove my curtains at all! They scrubbed the sofas as well before using water treatment. loved the fuss free service. took only about 1 hr!
Eileen Tay
Bryan has been very helpful communicating about the services offered and we are extremely pleased with their professionalism and dedication in their craft of ensuring that our beds are thoroughly cleaned. Our beds were stained from children’s milk and discharge but miraculously, they are now were cleaned and stain-free. Kerwin took time to inspect and deep clean each bed. It has been a wondering experience engaging Cleanshades and I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs to clean their beds or house!
Belinda Marshall
I used Clean Shades Singapore for cleaning all the curtains and blinds in my home and they are excellent. They were very efficient as well as getting all stains out - even ones I did not think could be removed. Even better, you do not need to take the blinds or curtains down - they clean them while hanging. Excellent service